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Monday, March 28, 2022


             As God’s ways do not change, neither does Satan’s. God and Jesus are selfless love, but Satan is characterized as self-centered, selfish, and power hungry. He is a liar and a trickster, cunning and seeking whom he may devour. Satan began in the spiritual realm as Lucifer. He was the brightest and mightiest archangel in heaven, but he wanted more. He wanted God’s position. He wanted the heavenly beings to look at him, not God. Lucifer who became Satan was successful in convincing 1/3 of the angels to follow him instead of God. When he went against God, Lucifer had a name change. Lucifer became Satan because he challenged God’s authority and turned against God. Lucifer means "shining-one; light bearer." Satan means "adversary; opponent; arch-enemy of good." The one who was a light-bearer and shining one in God's throne room became an archenemy of good and an adversary to God. 

          Satan painted God as a dictator who could not be questioned or doubted. Satan used these same tactics to trick the first Man and Woman to disobey God. As a counterfeit, Satan will get as close to the real thing as he can to deceive. He twisted God’s Word to get the Woman in Genesis to question God’s goodness and then disobey God. He wants mankind to see God as cruel and unforgiving. By misrepresenting God’s character, perhaps he could pull humans into his rebellion and lies. Satan even tried to tempt Jesus by quoting scripture but leaving out words and twisting it so it was untruth. Jesus is God and the Word of God so He couldn’t be tricked or tempted to disobey His Heavenly Father. He knew the Truth!

            To “win,” Satan will attack God’s character. “Did God really say?”  “You will not surely die.” Genesis 3:1, 4-5  “For God knows that when you eat of it (tree of the knowledge of good and evil) your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” V5 Up until this, Adam and the woman only knew the holiness and goodness of God – His pure, perfect love and provision. What Satan spoke was true.  Once they ate of the forbidden tree, they would know good and evil. Until then, they only knew goodness and love in the presence of God. Now, they are double-minded. They know good and evil. They realized their nakedness and were ashamed. Adam and Eve  made coverings out of fig leaves to hide their nakedness. Before disobeying God, they had no fear of God. They walked and talked with God freely in the Garden surrounded with God’s love and protection. They were covered with God’s light and glory. But now they know good and evil. They are naked (exposed) and ashamed and covered themselves with fig leaves.  

            The only way to lead humans back to Himself, God would have to show humans the limitless love of God through His Son Jesus who was the only One to know the limitless love of God in fullness because He is holy. God and Jesus knew of Lucifer’s fall in the spiritual realm and that Satan’s lies would make humans rebel against God also. Lies destroy and defeat but love uplifts and unifies. God wants us to look to Jesus who is holy, who remained holy (sinless) as He walked the earth and is still holy in the holy throne of God.

            God did not create sin. He hates sin! He never wanted sin to exist, but because He is all-knowing, He knew that it would. God knew the weakness of fleshly humans. God who knows the end from the beginning began putting His plan into practice slowly and progressively.  He would reveal His plan in types and shadows throughout the Older Testament. Then in the New Testament, He revealed His Son Jesus who would save the world. Satan in selfishness and thirst for power and honor, wanted to become a god. Jesus, in the reverse and in selfless love, did not care about glory and honor. He gave all of this up and became a human. He stepped out of glory and honor to sacrifice for the sin of the whole world. In other words, Jesus gave His all for us. His divinity was covered by His humanity. His heavenly, invisible glory was hidden in His visible human body.

            While Satan twisted the truth by saying God’s love is the law of selfishness, Jesus in human form showed the love of the Father by taking on the sin of the whole world so we humans could be restored to God for all eternity. Jesus could have stayed in the glory of heaven with God Instead, He stepped down from the throne of heaven to restore spiritual light and life to a dark, sinful world. God had all to do with this. The Word says in Hebrews 10:5 says that God “prepared a body for me (Jesus).” The Holy Spirit planted the “Seed” of God in the womb of a virgin woman. So, the Trinity made this happen. Sinful humanity could not have looked at Jesus in all His glory so the Godhead made Him in the image of man so we could see and hear God through Him. The cross is the greatest show of God’s love the world has ever known. God’s love is greater than our love because it is pure and perfect. Jesus paid a debt He did not owe out of God’s love for His erring humans. Our hearts should be full of love and gratitude to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for such a gift. Because Jesus sacrificed all to us, we should be willing to sacrifice for Him. And because the limitless love of God was extended through His Son’s sacrifice on the cross, we should be willing to “love God with all our heart, soul and mind, and love our neighbors as ourselves.” Matthew 22:37

            In the Older Testament, God lived in the sanctuary made with human hands. In the New Testament, Jesus came as God in human flesh to teach us the truth about God and God’s character which humans had desecrated over the years. Satan, however, wanted humans to believe that it was God’s fault. Jesus not only became human; He became the sacrifice to save us and restore us to God’s holiness. He was condemned like we should be for something He had nothing to do with. He suffered our penalty of death for sin so that we could be given His pure, eternal life with the Father. Satan tried to separate humanity from God forever, but Jesus drew us closer to God in Him than if we had never fallen into sin. We are bound to Jesus for all eternity. God is eternal so when He gave us the gift of His Son, it was for eternity. Jesus carried His holy human body to heaven and will carry those who love and serve Him to heaven pure in Him. Through Christ’s love sacrifice, we are bound together with Him in a bond that can never be broken.

          Satan is defeated! Where sin seemed so powerful, God’s grace and love was much more powerful. Jesus left His glorious place in heaven to come to our dark, sinful earth to shine the light of Divine love, grace and truth within and without us and give His very life to restore us back to the Father and holiness.  Jesus wants us to know what He, God and the Holy Spirit are really like. Jesus and the Father’s glory is selfless love. Jesus showed the world this in the cross of Calvary, the greatest act of selfless love the world has ever known. Jesus became like us so we could become like Him through the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. Selfless love is the law of life to the Godhead.  In Jesus, that law of life and love is fully known and complete. 

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