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Friday, October 11, 2019

The Shepherds and the Magi – Part 2

     First the Angel of the Lord came to the humble Jewish shepherds in the field in Bethlehem where David had cared for his father’s flock. He came to the Jew first. The Angel of the Lord radiated God’s glory around the shepherds. These shepherds were keeping watch over their flock through the night (darkness) when the Angel of the Lord appeared to give them a word and something to look for.  (see Luke 2:8-9) The Angel of the Lord brought the shepherds the “good news of great joy which will be for all; for today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior who is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign for you; you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.” Luke 2:10-12
A study of the “Angel of the Lord” throughout scripture shows that this Angel did all that Jesus would do while walking the earth. The Angel of the Lord foreshadowed Jesus. Any spiritual being other than Satan and his demonic host would be doing the Lord’s bidding because God is Lord over the heavens and the earth. All that this Angel did throughout the Older Testament, Jesus would do on earth in His incarnate form. God wanted people to know Him and His holy character and will.

Angel of the Lord
· Angel who saves, blesses and calls us to return to the Father's House -- Genesis 16:7, 13
· Angel who called out to Hagar from heaven and who opened her eyes to see a well of water -- Genesis 21:17
· Angel Savior who saved Isaac because God would provide the sacrifice for atonement of sin -- Genesis 22:12
· Angel/Man Transformer who wrestles with man to transform him from a fleshly man to a spiritual man -- Genesis 32:30
· Angel that God sent before the father's faithful servant to gather a bride for the promised son -- Genesis 24:8
· Angel Redeemer who saved and delivered Jacob-- Genesis 48:15-16
· Angel who appeared to Moses in flames of fire and the voice of God in the burning bush and said that He is God -- the Great I am – Exodus 3:2-6
· Angel who went before the Israelites as their guide and then behind them to protect them-- Exodus 13:21/14:19
· Angel who is the Guide, Protector and Victor over the enemy --Exodus 14:9
· Angel who guards and leads us to the place He has prepared and whom we are to obey. Also pardons transgression and God's Name is in Him-- Exodus 23:20-23
· Angel who gave direction to a non-Jewish prophet -- Numbers 22:35
· Angel/Man who is commander of God's army -- Joshua 5:13-15
· Angel who disciplines the Israelites and Joshua for not obeying His instruction to not make covenant with the inhabitants of the Land--Judges 2:1
· Angel who encouraged, warned of the enemy's plots and was the strength, deliverer and victor in battle with Gideon -- Judges 6:11-23
· Angel who prophesies new birth -- Samson the deliverer of God's people-- and who said His name is Wonderful -- Judges 13:1-18
· Angel who touches, strengthens, feeds and directs Elijah to bread and water and was his guide and protector -- 1 Kings 19:6-7
· Angel who told Elijah to prophecy judgment upon the King of Samaria -- 2 Kings 1:3
· Angel who is the Judge and the Avenger of evil -- 2 Kings 19:35
· Angel who stayed the hand of the destroying angel in Jerusalem and stands between heaven and earth. 1 Chronicles 21:15-19
· Angel who commanded where the altar of the Lord was to be built and the One who stands between heaven and earth holding a drawn sword -- 1 Chronicles 21:18
· Angel who was victorious in battle against the enemy of God's people -- 2 Kings 19:35
· Angel of God's presence who saved God's people through all their afflictions, redeemed them and carried them -- Isaiah 63:9
·    Angel who rescued Daniel from the mouths of the lions -- Daniel 6:22
·   Angel of the Lord stood among the myrtle trees. He pleaded for God's mercy and spoke God's Word. Then He interpreted God’s Word. Zechariah 1:10-11
Jesus does all these functions on behalf of the Father. Throughout the Older Testament, God was revealing Jesus in types and shadows. He used the “natural” to speak “spiritual” truth just as Jesus did while on earth.  It is important for God’s people to understand this. The two testaments could not lay side by side if they were not in agreement. Amos 3:3: “Can two walk together unless they agree?” God, Jesus/Word and the Holy Spirit walk together in agreement and Truth. They do not contradict one another but are working together to do God's will on earth as it is in heaven. Because Jesus is Truth – all Truth – the two testaments must agree also. In the Older Testament, Jesus is foreshadowed. In the New Testament, He is revealed in His incarnate form. In Revelation in the spiritual realm, Jesus is revealed in all His glory.  

                                (Next week:  The Gentile Magi)

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