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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Covenant Oath between David and Jonathan -- 1 Samuel 18:2

Jonathan and David were friends because they walked together in agreement. They were of like character and purpose as Christians are to be with Christ. Like David, Jonathan was full of faith in God, courageous in battle, a loyal friend, tender and capable of deep love. Even though Jonathan was torn between devotion to his father Saul, he offered love and encouragement to his friend David. No doubt, Jonathan never gave up hope that one day his father would return to the Lord. He stayed with Saul to the end, fighting beside him even to his death. Jonathan gave his life for David. The death of Saul and Jonathan opened the door for David to sit on the throne, just as Jesus’ death opened the door for all who love and follow Him to be seated on the throne with Him. God’s last will and testament is the New Covenant of salvation by the blood of Jesus Christ, which gives us our inheritance with the Father and Him.

Covenant Oath between David and Jonathan – 1 Samuel 18:2
David and Jonathan made a covenant oath between them before God. Neither of them will renege on that oath. After making his covenant with David, Jonathan remained faithful and true to his friend David. He was a peacemaker. He tried to bring reconciliation between Saul and David when Saul’s jealousy and rage against David brought division. He warned David to flee because his father was trying to kill him. Jonathan risked repercussions from Saul on his own life by vindicating his friend David. Ultimately, Jonathan’s final gift to David was his life. He laid down his life for his friend. Unselfish love is the root of noble and courageous character. Jonathan’s heart was so knitted together with David’s that they became one heart in the Lord. Jonathan loved David more than his own soul as Jesus loves us more than our own soul. Jesus proved this in His willingness to die on the cross for us. He laid down His life for us – His friends – and gave us all the inheritance that is rightfully His through His Father. In type and shadow Jonathan’s love for David, God’s anointed king, was a picture of what Christ the King of kings did for all who receive Him.

David will not Return Evil for Evil
     The Bible says that David did “whatever Saul sent him to do and did it successfully.” David was submitted to authority and successful in all that Saul asked him to do.  David was a good and faithful servant! This caused Saul to give David a high rank in the army of Israel. This pleased all the people, and Saul’s officers as well.” 1 Samuel 18:5b David would not allow his heart to be hardened against Saul. David had served Saul unconditionally, but Saul wants to kill David!
      When Christians are faced by unjust treatment by someone, we must not only consider ourselves but also the honor of God. The action we take should bring honor to God as well as the Body of Christ. Even though Saul mistreated David, David dealt with Saul with respect. Despite Saul’s treatment of David, he continued to minister to Saul until the threat became so great that David had to flee.
        But “all Israel and Judah loved David, because he led them into victory in their battles.” Love casts out fear! Instead of fearing David, Saul should have feared God. God’s people saw David’s courage and that God was with him.  David quickly became popular both among the people and among the leaders (Saul’s servants). David had military valor and victory. The women rejoiced and celebrated and gave David more honor than Saul. This caused anger and jealousy to rise up in Saul. He feared David because God was with him.18:12  Saul also saw his own inadequacy next to David.
The celebration of David’s victory was not because David was a yes-man or people-pleaser. David did not seek this popularity and did not depend on popularity and adoration to get Saul’s appointment of a high rank in the army. David became popular because he was a man after God’s own heart” and people could see the courage, love, wisdom and peace of God in him.

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