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Saturday, December 15, 2018

David and Goliath – Part 2 – 1 Samuel 17

          There are three predominant characters in the battle between David and Goliath:

·         Goliath and the Philistine army -- Goliath is the leader of the unredeemed, rebellious, arrogant and prideful army. These defy and mock God and His servants. They are full of self-power and self-glory. They think the arm of the flesh will be victorious. Goliath is a type and shadow of Satan and the Antichrist.
·         Saul and the Israelite army – Saul is the leader of those who are believers but are still walking in the flesh, not in the power of the Holy Spirit and Word. These are a defeated company full of fear. Instead of submitting to God’s rule and Word, they are still ruled and controlled by their fleshly ways. They represent compromised believers of Jesus. King Saul and his men were no match for Goliath who is stronger than them. The evil one represented by Goliath cannot be defeated by the ways of the flesh. Satan is a spiritual being and more powerful than our flesh.
·         David – represents a true believer whose faith and trust is in God and obeys God’s Word by the power of the Holy Spirit. David stood alone with God. To others, David was lowly and unattractive, but to God he was called, faithful, chosen and obedient. God would do great things through David who represents the faithful remnant. David had the anointing of God upon him. He could stand before Goliath fearlessly because God was with him. David would be victorious over the evil one. David’s motives were pure. He would defend God’s honor and the reproach of Israel. He knew the battle was the Lord’s, but God required the faith, love and obedience of His servant David.
Because Saul and the men of Israel were walking by sight, not faith in God, the giant looked huge and heavily armored causing fear. The more Christians fear Satan, the larger he gets. David, on the other hand, was full of faith and courage because the Holy Spirit was with him. David’s heart and motive were also pure. David believed that if God’s people trusted in God, there was no enemy they could not conquer. David was God’s kind of king and leader. David’s kingship will be eternal through Christ. (see 2 Samuel 7:29) Saul’s kingship was rejected by God. (1 Samuel 15:23) David was penitent when confronted with his sin, but Saul lied and tried to justify and cover up his sin. (2 Samuel 12:13; 1 Samuel 15:15) Saul made excuses, blamed others and didn’t trust God. David, however, humbled himself and admitted his wrongs eventually. Some believe that admitting to wrong is a sign of weakness. One only must listen to today’s news to see this sentiment displayed by the leader of our country. God sees admission of wrongs as just the opposite – a sign of strength.
Are you a “Saul” or a “David?”
Followers of Christ must own our spiritual poverty and sin. We are to fall on our face before God and genuinely repent and show our need for His grace. If there is no sincere sorrow over our sins, there is no repentance. God wants a humble, changed heart!

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