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Monday, November 5, 2018

Saul – Began Anointed but Fell Away from God

Saul was on a mission for his father. He was searching for his father’s donkeys who were lost but he couldn’t find them. Saul wanted to give up but the servant with him told Saul about Samuel, the man of God who “who is highly respected and everything he says comes true. Let’s go there now. Perhaps he will tell us what way to take.” Samuel 9:6 This servant obviously had at least heard of Samuel! Saul didn’t know of Samuel who had been ruling over God’s people for years. When Saul came face to face with Samuel, he asked where the seer's house was. (see 1 Samuel 19:18) The Seer was Samuel and Saul was talking to him. So, this pretty much tells you how religious Saul had been, and yet God's people wanted him to be king over them.

God is Orchestrating
God is secretly working through this servant to bring Saul before Samuel to make him king as God’s people had insisted. If Saul had turned back, he would have missed his destiny. Our omnipotent God will see to it that the people have their way. God knew that His people would learn some lessons from their choice.
Saul’s servant was a wise man! He knew that everything Samuel said came true because Samuel was a true prophet of God. The servant trusted that Samuel, the man of God, could show them the way to the lost. Samuel did even better, he assured Saul and his servant that the donkeys had already been found. Samuel will also give Saul and his servant other signs that should assure them that God is with them.
Saul and his servant met women going out to draw water who led them to Samuel, the man of God. Again God is in control. When Saul and his servant entered the town, Samuel was coming toward them on his way up to the “high place” where he would offer a sacrifice to God. The day before, God had told Samuel that Saul was coming and that he should anoint him king over God’s people. Samuel didn’t have to do anything but wait upon God. When Saul appeared, God said to Samuel, “This is the man I spoke to you about; he will govern My people.”1 Samuel 10:17 This is God’s permissive will. God is orchestrating all of this. He will give the people their wish even though it is not God’s sovereign will. His sovereign will was David. God does not force His will upon us.
Samuel knew God’s voice. God began speaking to Samuel when he was just a young boy. Samuel's mother had dedicated him to the Lord right after his birth. He was raised in the Temple of God by the high priest and priests. 

Trials and Tests
God will allow His people their choice of king, but He also warned them through His prophet Samuel what their choice of king would do to them. Unfortunately, they will suffer much at the hands of Saul and have many loses because of their insistence that he become their king. All this could have been avoided had God’s people waited upon Him.
Saul ruled for 40 years. 40 is the number of trials and tests -- tribulation. God’s people will be tested and tried under the leadership of Saul. When Saul turned away from God, God’s people suffered greatly. Saul tried to kill David many times because he was jealous and envious of David. Unfortunately, Saul’s spirit and actions spiraled downward.
You know, the devil was once a perfect archangel in the heavenly throne room of God. His downfall came when pride entered him, and he decided to disobey God and wanted to be God. God is speaking to the devil in the king of Tyre in Ezekiel 28. The devil will meet his end when he and his followers are thrown into the deepest part of the earth. Does God delight in this? Absolutely not! He says in Ezekiel 28:ll, we are to lament (mourn and grieve) his fall.  The devil began perfect in every way in God’s holy throne room. What God creates is holy and perfect. It was the devil’s choices that had him thrown out of heaven. God hates to see any of his creatures cast away from Him. Jesus is always calling us up higher with Him, but the devil calls you to the deepest part of the earth – lower and lower. He wants you to join him in his misery, but Jesus wants to bless you and take you higher and higher with Him. He can't do this using sin and the devil's ways.

God’s Chosen Kings and Leaders
The kings of Israel led by God were not to dominate and oppress God’s people. They were called to guide and protect God’s people like a shepherd and servant. Jesus is the Perfect Shepherd/Servant King over God’s people. “He came not to be served, but to serve, and give His life a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45 He is the example that leaders should follow when in offices of power, especially if they profess to be a Christian – follower of Jesus. Jesus did not come through the line of Saul, but through the line of David, God’s choice for king. Those of us who love and serve Jesus must also be careful who we choose to rule over us. They should have the heart and character of God, not tyrants who use their power to belittle and suppress or for their own selfish will and gains. It is God’s heart desire to bless His people. He cannot do so with the wrong leader in charge of them. God does not bless sin and ungodly ways. An ungodly leader not controlled by God will lead His people downward because only godliness will lead us upward. Jesus is always calling us to go higher with Him into His holy realm – not down further and further into the belly of the earth to the devil’s realm. God loves us and knows what is right for us. It is His ways and will that are the best for us.

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