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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wedding at Cana – Part 2

No Wine

     When the wine was gone, Jesus’ mother said to Him, “They have no more wine.” “Dear woman, why do you involve Me,” Jesus replied, “My time has not yet come?” His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.” John 2:3-5
            A problem has come up at this wedding feast. The host has run out of wine. It would be the responsibility of the father of the bridegroom and the bridegroom to supply the wine and food for the wedding feast. To run out of wine would be humiliating to them. Jewish weddings lasted seven days and were a time of great joy and celebration. Wine would be important to the celebration. Jesus’ mother interceded and brought the need to Jesus.

Dear Woman
            Jesus doesn’t call Mary by her earthly name. He calls her “woman.” As a matter of fact, Jesus never called Mary by her earthly name in the Gospels, but He did call her “woman. Why? Mary is the “new woman” who will birth the Seed that will defeat the serpent as God prophesied in Genesis 3:15. Mary is the Woman and Jesus is the Seed. Satan brought destruction through a virgin woman; God would bring redemption, reconciliation, restoration and new, spiritual life through a virgin woman. God who is changeless must redeem, reconcile and restore through the same type of vessel that the original sin occurred. Mary was the chosen vessel to birth the Chosen One of God who would save the world.
            Woman is an honorable title. It was the name given Adam’s bride when she was holy. Jesus used the title “Woman” when He was talking to His Bride. Jesus called Mary “Woman” again from the cross. (see John 19:26) So, Jesus called Mary “Woman” at the beginning of His earthly ministry and at the end of His earthly ministry. Jesus also called three other women in scripture by the name Woman.
`````````·     The Samaritan woman at the well when He told her a time was coming when there wouldn’t be worship in a temple on Mount Gerizim or in Jerusalem. Instead, worshipers will worship in Spirit and in Truth. (see John 4) Jesus was revealing a profound truth to this Samaritan woman. The Bride of Christ will worship Jesus in Spirit and in Truth all over the world, not just in Jerusalem. This is a “new” way of worship.    
                  ·     The woman caught in adultery when He asked where her accusers were. (John 8:1-11) Even though this woman was a sinner, she came to Jesus for salvation and remained with Him; therefore, she is no longer condemned. There is no condemnation in Christ for His Bride. Her accusers were also sinners because they were disobeying the very Law that they were using to accuse this woman. The Law said that both the adulterer and the adulteress were to be stoned to death. (see Leviticus 20:10) When Jesus wrote in the sand, her accusers walked away from Jesus, so they remain condemned. It is my belief that Jesus wrote the Law in the sand which convicted them, so they turned and walked away.
                  ·      Jesus called Mary Magdalene “woman” when she was weeping because Jesus’ body was nowhere to be found. She was seeking Him but couldn’t find Him. Jesus found her! (see John 20:10-19) This event happened after His resurrection. Jesus came to Mary Magdalene in her sadness and revealed Himself to her. Mary Magdalene recognized Jesus by His voice (Word) when He called her by name. Jesus reveals Himself to is Bride through His Word and resurrection power.
            Every follower of Christ comes through the body of Christ who was formed, shaped and birthed in the womb of Mary, the virgin Jewish woman. Salvation is of the Jews not because they deserved it because there is not one man, woman or child on earth who is without sin. There are none good but God. Mark 10:18  The Jews as well as all of humanity are chosen strictly by God’s grace. The Godhead by the power of the Holy Spirit and Word will shape and form a new Bride for Jesus made up of Jews, Gentiles, males and females, young and old.  The triune God is the God of all and loves us all with an unfailing love. He hates sin because of what it does to those He loves but His love for humanity is everlasting. He continues to pursue us and draw us to Him in spite of our sinfulness. God wants that none should perish but have everlasting life through His chosen and precious Son who paid the price of all sin by His shed blood on the cross. There is no greater love than this.        

My Hour has not Come
            Jesus responded to Mary’s concern about the wine with, “My hour has not yet come.” 2:4
            Jesus is 30 years of age now and is no longer under the authority of His earthly mother. He is now under the authority of His Heavenly Father. His relationship with Mary is now a spiritual one and His life and actions are now governed by God.  Mary cannot tell Him when to reveal Himself. Jesus’ hour will be a specific time appointed by the Father.
            In the Older Testament, 30 was the age that a Jewish male could serve the Lord in the tabernacle or temple. (see Numbers 4:3, 23, 30)  It was considered the age of spiritual maturity.  Joseph was 30 years old when he became the right hand man of Pharaoh. David was 30 when he became king. Since Jesus was fulfilling all scripture, He would have to be 30 years of age before He stepped out into His earthly ministry and authority.           
            There are other hours in scripture that had come:

·         “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.” John 12:23 Jesus’ glory was manifested on the cross. The miracle of transforming the water into wine was the beginning of the manifestation of His glory.

·         In John 13:1, Jesus knew that the “hour had come for Him to leave this world and go to the Father.”

·         Another hour in Jesus’ fulfillment is His Second Coming. (see Mark 13:26, 33) The  Bible says that no one knows the hour except the Father.
     There were also times in scripture when Jesus’ “time (hour) had not yet come.” His time had not yet come when His disciples wanted Jesus to perform miracles in Jerusalem during the Feast of Tabernacles. The time also had not come for the religious leaders to seize Jesus in John 8:20.
Jesus only did what the Father told Him to do at God’s appointed time. Once God had revealed His Son through John the Baptist, the dove coming down from heaven and resting upon Jesus and God’s Word that Jesus is His Beloved Son, Jesus was now in public ministry and under His Heavenly Father’s authority.

Obey Him
     Mary tells the servants to “do whatever He tells you to do.” These are the last words of Mary recorded in scripture. Mary is now under the spiritual authority of the Son of God. Jesus will take over and be the voice of authority now. No one is greater than Jesus, therefore, all of humanity must be under His authority. Mary must have understood His response.

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