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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Third Day – John 2

First Wedding – Last Wedding

     The first wedding in scripture was between holy Adam and the holy Woman. When Adam/Man was created by the Godhead, he was holy, and because the Woman was taken out of a holy Man, she too was holy in the beginning. No sin had yet entered God’s Garden. The first Woman was made holy through a holy Man. The Second holy Woman (Christ’s Bride) is made holy through a Holy Man – Jesus. God’s ways do not change!
     The Gospel of John begins with a wedding supper at Cana of Galilee. Jesus reveals His transforming power to His mother, His disciples and the servants at this wedding. The Bible ends in Revelation with the wedding between the holy, eternal Christ and His holy, eternal, transformed Bride. Between the first wedding of the holy Man and Woman in Genesis and the last wedding of the holy Man Christ and His Bride a transformation takes place. This is the full circle of the Word of God. What is in the beginning, is in the end! Jesus who is God will use the transforming power of the Word (Truth/Jesus) and the Holy Spirit to make us into new creations who once again reflect His holiness and light.
            Jesus said, “I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” Revelation 22:13  In other words, Jesus is the full Truth – the Word of God from beginning to end. Jesus, the Word of God, was with God at creation, as was the Holy Spirit. Nothing was created without the full Godhead. It will be the full Godhead who will also transform us into new creations once again. All Truth is about Jesus and should be taught as such. The Older Testament scriptures all pointed to Christ and had Christ hidden within including the Law. Galatians 3:24-25: Therefore, the Law was our tutor to Christ, that we may be justified by faith. But after faith is come, we are no longer under a tutor. The Law is works-oriented, but grace is faith-based through the atoning, finished work of Jesus Christ. We must believe that Christ is and that we are the righteousness of God through Him. We are not to exalt any man, woman, child or nation above Him including Israel or the Church. “He alone is worthy of all glory….”
            The wedding at Cana in the Gospel of John took place on the third day.

Significance of Numbers in Scripture

      In order to fully understand scripture, we must know the significance and meaning of numbers consistently used throughout scripture. God did not waste a number, word or circumstance in His Word. He used all of it to give us a spiritual message from Him. Since the Godhead created all they will use all things to reveal themselves to humanity.
            The Divine Godhead rules from the heavenly throne and sets all things in order including the numbers in scripture. The numbers 3 and 7 are significant numbers in scripture. They are numbers of Divine perfection.
·       Three is the number of the Divine Trinity – God in completeness and perfection – the Perfect Witness. Three also speaks of the day of receiving the promises of God. Jesus was resurrected on the third day in fulfillment of the promise of God to raise Him up on the third day. (see Hosea 6:2)  After Jesus was raised up on the third day, He is now raising us up until the end of the third section of scripture – Revelation – when all things are made new and eternal.
·        Seven is the number of Divine spiritual completeness and perfection. It is the number of perfect and complete fulfillment and restoration.

Third Day

      Significant events took place on the third day throughout scripture, the greatest of which was the resurrection of Jesus that brought, spiritual, life-giving, transforming resurrection power.
            Events and circumstances that took place on the third day will show us underlying messages.  We get a clue to the meaning of a particular number, word or circumstance in the ministry of Jesus. Patterns are woven throughout scripture. Since God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit don’t change, the Older Testament will foreshadow all that Jesus said and did.
·         At creation, God did a miracle involving water on the third day. He gathered the waters so dry ground would appear. He called the dry ground “land, and the water “seas.” (Genesis 1:9) Jesus too did a miracle involving water on the third day at this wedding at Cana. Jesus will show His transforming power by turning the water into wine. The transformation of the water into wine will be the first of seven miracles Jesus will perform in the Gospel of John. His public ministry begins at the earthly wedding on the third day (3) and will end with the eternal spiritual wedding on the last day – the 7th day – in Revelation at the marriage supper of the Lamb. On that day, all will be perfected and complete in fulfillment and holiness.
·         It was on the third day that Abraham lifted his eyes and saw the place of the Messiah’s crucifixion afar off. (Genesis 22:4) The Angel of the Lord stopped Abraham from offering his only spiritual son – Isaac – as an atonement offering in obedience to God. The Angel of the Lord saved Isaac from death. Jesus fulfilled this through His death on the cross as the atonement for the sins of the whole world, thus saving all who believe in Him from eternal death. Jesus is the One who saves! He is also the One who makes all things spiritual.
·         It was on the third day that Joseph set his brothers free from Egypt to return to their father Jacob with a bag of grain to feed his family and save them from death by starvation. (Genesis 42:18-20) Joseph and his life is a type and shadow of Jesus and his life. God uses the “natural” to speak “spiritual” truth. Jesus is the Word of God (grain) that feeds His spiritual family and saves all from eternal spiritual death. Joseph not only saved his family (Jews), but also the Egyptians and the surrounding nations (Gentiles). Jesus too came to earth to save both the Jews and the Gentiles. He feeds our spiritual man with the spiritual food of the Anointed Word. Jesus in the parable of the Sower and the Seed showed us that the seed is the Word of God. Believers must feed on the Word to nourish their spirit man, just as we feed on physical food to nourish our natural man.
·         On the third day, God descended on Mount Sinai to initiate a marriage covenant with Israel. God’s people said “we will” to their Husband God that they would do everything He said. Their heart was right but the weakness of their flesh would fail them. God made a vow with the Israelites that if they would obey Him fully, they would be His treasured possession. (Exodus 19:5-6) This was a vow the Israelites would not be able to keep. Needless to say, the Israelites quickly broke their vow to God. God was not taken by surprise! Our all-knowing God knew that no human could completely live up to His high and holy standard. God knows the heart of man. He knows that we will think that we can do all that He asks of us and take some of the glory to ourselves that belongs solely to God. God will do what no man can. Jesus will come in the flesh to die for our sins so those who believe in Him will be able to approach our Holy God. Jesus fulfilled the vow of the Israelites perfectly and completely for them and for us. Because of God’s love through Jesus, we all – both Jew and Gentile – are restored to right relationship with holy God. This is the heart of God. He has no favorites. We are all equal – equally guilty and equally loved by God whether Jew or Gentile. He poured out His love upon all flesh through the finished work of Jesus Christ.  
                                                                                   (to be continued)

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