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Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Transformation – John 2 – Part 1


New Transformation – John 2 – Wedding at Cana

              Jesus and His disciples joined a wedding in Cana to which they were invited on the third day. The third day has spiritual meaning in scripture. On the third day, the following took place:

·             At creation, God did a miracle involving water on the third day. He gathered the waters so dry ground would appear. He called the dry ground “land, and the water “seas.” (Genesis 1:9) Jesus too did a miracle involving water on the third day at this wedding at Cana. Jesus will show His transforming power by turning the water into wine. The transformation of the water into wine will be the first of seven miracles Jesus will perform in the Gospel of John. His public ministry begins at the earthly wedding on the third day (3) and will end with the eternal spiritual wedding on the last day – the 7th day – in Revelation at the marriage supper of the Lamb. On that day, all will be perfected and complete in fulfillment and holiness.

·         ·         It was on the third day that Abraham lifted his eyes and saw the place of the Messiah’s crucifixion afar off. (Genesis 22:4) The Angel of the Lord stopped Abraham from offering his only spiritual son – Isaac – as an atonement offering in obedience to God. The Angel of the Lord saved Isaac from death. Jesus is God’s Promised Son. Jesus fulfilled Isaac’s willingness to die as a sacrifice through His death on the cross atoning for the sins of the whole world. All who believe in Him are saved from eternal death. Jesus is the One who saves!

·                     It was on the third day that Joseph set his brothers free from Egypt to return to their father Jacob with a bag of grain to feed his family and save them from death by starvation. (Genesis 42:18-20) Joseph and his life is a type and shadow of Jesus and his life. God uses the “natural” to speak “spiritual” truth. Jesus is the Word of God (grain) that feeds His spiritual family and saves all from eternal spiritual death. Joseph not only saved his family (Jews), but also the Egyptians and the surrounding nations (Gentiles). Jesus too came to earth to save both the Jews and the Gentiles. He feeds our spiritual man with the spiritual food of the Anointed Word. Jesus in the parable of the Sower and the Seed showed us that the seed is the Word of God. Believers must feed on the Word to nourish their spirit man, just as we feed on physical food to nourish our natural man.

·                   On the third day, God descended upon Mount Sinai to initiate a marriage covenant with Israel. God’s people said “we will” to their Husband God that they would do everything He said. Their heart was right but the weakness of their flesh would fail them. God made a vow with the Israelites that if they would obey Him fully, they would be His treasured possession. (Exodus 19:5-6) This was a vow the Israelites would not be able to keep. Needless to say, the Israelites quickly broke their vow to God. God was not taken by surprise! Our all-knowing God knew that no human could completely live up to His high and holy standard. God knows the heart of man. He knows that we will think that we can do all that He asks of us and  more than likely take some of the glory to ourselves that belongs solely to God. God will do what no man can. Jesus will come in the flesh to die for our sins so those who believe in Him will be able to approach our Holy God. Jesus fulfilled the vow of the Israelites perfectly and completely for them and for us. Because of God’s love through Jesus, we all – both Jew and Gentile – are restored to right relationship with holy God. This is the heart of God. He has no favorites. We are all equal – equally guilty and equally loved by God whether Jew or Gentile.

·             Joshua and the Israelites crossed over the Jordan River into God’s Promised Land on the third day. This was God’s timing for the Israelites to begin to receive His promise of the inheritance of the land He had promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This was an earthly land that pointed to an Eternal Heavenly Land.

·                  On the third day in the New Testament, Jesus was resurrected and crossed over the waters of the heavens into the Heavenly Promised Land in fulfillment of God’s promise to both the Jews and the Gentiles. This would be the beginning of all believers in Jesus receiving the promise of a Heavenly Promised Land for all eternity. Followers of Jesus will inherit a spiritual Promised Land – The spiritual Kingdom of God. Then the King will say to those on His right, “Come you who are blessed by My Father, take your inheritance, the Kingdom has prepared for you since the creation of the world.” Matthew 25:34 What God did in the “natural,” Jesus did in the “spiritual.” The third-day resurrection of Jesus was also foreshadowed in the resurrection of Jonah from the belly of the Great Fish on the third day.

          Like everything else in scripture, the third day is double-edged. It not only represents resurrection life; it also represents the Day of Judgment. On the third day, Pharaoh of Egypt restored his chief cupbearer but he put the chief baker to death by hanging. (see Genesis 40:20-22) Jesus is both Savior and Judge. He will judge righteously. Those who receive Jesus’ love and grace and believe in Him will be saved to eternal life. Those who do not, choose eternal death. We don’t have a choice in the first life or death, but we do have a choice on the second one. (see Revelation 2:11) It behooves us to choose wisely.

The Gospel of John begins with a wedding supper at Cana of Galilee. Jesus and His disciples left the Jordan Valley (low place) to go higher to Cana. Cana of Galilee is a village near Nazareth where Jesus was raised. The population of Cana was made up of both Jews and Gentiles. It had been influenced by Greek culture because many Greeks lived there along with the Jews. Jesus is spreading His ministry beyond Jerusalem and Judah. Jesus came to the Jew first to fulfill scripture, but He quickly went into other areas to also reach the Gentiles. He came to save the world. He will have a Bride made up of both Jews and Gentiles.

            Mary, the mother of Jesus, was already at this wedding which indicates that she was probably a close relative who had involvement in the preparation. She was the one who realized they had run out of wine and brought the need to Jesus.

This Jewish Wedding would be between a new bride and a new husband. Could it be that God is using this wedding to speak of our New Husband Jesus and His New Bride? The host of this Jewish wedding was not ready. He ran out of wine that Jesus would eventually provide. All of the wine of the Older Testament was earthly wine that can run dry. Jesus, the Host of heaven, will never run out of wine! Jesus poured out the new wine of heaven – the pure, supernatural wine of His blood, just as this earthly wine that Jesus provided was from heaven because Jesus is God and from heaven. Jesus’ wine will be an everlasting wine that never runs dry.

Jesus reveals His transforming power to His mother, His disciples and the servants at this wedding. The Bible ends in Revelation with the wedding supper of the holy, eternal Christ and His holy, eternal, transformed Bride. Between the first wedding of the holy Man and Woman in Genesis and the last wedding of the holy Man Christ and His Bride, a transformation takes place. The first wedding in scripture was between holy Adam and the holy Woman. When Adam/Man was created by the Godhead, he was holy, and because the Woman was taken out of a holy Man, she too was holy in the beginning. No sin had yet entered God’s Garden. The first Woman was made holy through a holy Man. The Second holy Woman (Christ’s Bride) is made holy through a Holy Man – Jesus—and will attend a heavenly wedding feast when all scripture is fulfilled completely. God’s ways do not change! What was in the beginning, will also be in the end. This is the full circle of the Word of God. Jesus who is God will use the transforming power of the Word (Truth/Jesus) and the Holy Spirit to make us into new creations who once again reflect His holiness and light. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit will restore all back to its original condition of holiness at the end of time.

The wedding at Cana and the transformation of the water into wine is a picture of the “new creation” of Jesus’ followers through the transformation of the water of the Word, the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus. Through our transformation, Jesus wants to take us higher and transform us into His own sweet fragrance and holiness. “For we are to God the sweet fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.” 2 Corinthians 2:15

Waterpots for Cleansing

The earthen vessels at this Jewish wedding were used for cleansing. They would be full of dirty water that guests had used to cleanse their hands and feet according to the Law of purification. However, the Word says that these pots were empty. Believers in Christ are His earthen vessels full of dirt (sin), empty of spiritual life and joy. As we hunger and thirst after righteousness, Jesus pours out the water of His Word and Holy Spirit to bring us to a “new creation” who radiates His sweetness and light.  First we must be emptied of our fleshly ways and life so the sweet fragrance of Jesus’ life and holiness can to be seen and diffused to others. “Now thanks be to God who always leads us to triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.” 2 Corinthians 2:14 It is the knowledge of God through His Anointed Word and doing it that diffuses Christ’s fragrance and Light to others. It is in doing the Word that it is established in us and sends its sweet fragrance to a lost and dying world, not just hearing and knowing it.

At the wedding feast at Cana, Jesus will show His disciple-servants His transforming power by turning the water of cleansing according to the Law into the new wine of grace and truth in Christ. This miracle was reserved for His servants only. The wedding guests did not see the miracle. They only saw its benefits. The transformation of Christ’s followers is also a miracle that is unseen. It is done secretly and inwardly by the Godhead and is then shared with others. Others reap the benefit of this transformation.


Wine and blood in scripture symbolize new spiritual life and joy through the blood of Jesus. As we abide in Christ, we are spiritually infilled with wisdom, love and joy unspeakable by the power of Christ’s blood, resurrection, Word and Holy Spirit. Christ’s “new” wine can have the same effect as natural wine. When the Holy Spirit came down upon those in the Upper Room who were in one accord, the onlookers thought they were drunk “with new wine.” Acts 2:13 ,  Jesus’ new wine will come through purity not degradation!

In Jesus’ parable of the old and new wineskins, the “new” wineskins (believers) were able to contain the “new wine” of His abundant, fruitful, spiritual life and anointing, and pour it out to others. Old wineskins are not flexible enough to hold the new wine. The Pharisees and scribes are an example of this. They were content with the old.

 Jesus came to build a “new” temple in a “new” covenant and a “new” way, not built of earthly stones like the early temples, but in the hearts of His true followers by the power of love, the Holy Spirit and Word. The “new” covenant will not fit the mold of the old covenant. The New Covenant is a better covenant with Jesus as the High Priest. (Read Hebrews 8) “By calling this covenant new, He has made the first one obsolete, and what is obsolete and aging will soon disappear.” V13 This was illustrated on the Mount of Transfiguration when Moses and Elijah appeared in a cloud of glory with Jesus. In Luke 9:36, Moses who represents the Law and Elijah who represents the Prophets faded out of the picture leaving only Jesus. The ministries of Moses and Elijah were a picture of the fulfillment through the ministry of Jesus. Scripture tells us that the “the Law is our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith.” Galatians 3:24 The Law should be taught showing Christ and His fulfillment, not bringing us backwards but forward to faith in Christ. Jesus fulfilled the Law perfectly and completely for us so we are no longer under its penalty of death for disobedience.

In the very short time span that Jesus walked on earth, He taught His Jewish Apostles His ways of grace (love) and truth. Why did Jesus start with Jewish apostles? God had given the covenants of the Older Testament to the Jews. Since God’s ways are perfect, He would have to begin the New Covenant with the Jews so scripture is fulfilled. All of the Older Covenants were given by God’s grace in spite of transgression. They must be removed by God’s grace through fulfillment in Christ. The Israelites did not “earn” the various covenants God made with them because they were good. They failed God time and time again, just as Christians do because we have the weakness of sinful flesh. Only God is good! So all that God has done for mankind from beginning to end is because of His goodness not ours – whether Jew or Gentile.

New Bride

            In the Older Testament, God referred to Himself as Israel’s Husband. (see Ezekiel 16:7; Isaiah 54:4-5) God pledged Himself to Israel, and He wanted Israel to pledge themselves to Him in a covenant oath of marriage – oneness. When God thought that Israel was old enough for love and marriage, He covered her nakedness (sin) with the corner of His garment of righteousness and Israel became His. God also said in Ezekiel 16 that He bathed (cleansed) Israel with water and washed the blood from her and put ointments (sweet fragrance) on her like one does a newborn baby. When Israel was old enough for love and marriage, God wedded her and adorned her with costly garments, with gold jewelry and put a crown on her head. She was beautiful. Israel’s fame spread among the nations because of the beauty and splendor that GOD lavished upon her. She was God’s Queen (Bride), but Israel was unfaithful to God and began chasing after other gods and trusting in her own beauty. Unfortunately, the Law had no provision or power to remove unfaithfulness or sin, so God had to do a “new” thing. In His unfailing love for Israel and all of humanity, God sent His Son as a new beginning for all – both Jews and Gentiles.  What Israel and the Gentiles could not do for themselves, God did for us. Jesus would come to earth as the New Divine Man and a Jew to reverse the curse of the Law of death for disobedience. God gave the Law to the Jews; therefore, it must be a pure, fully obedient Jew who could remove the curse of sin and its penalty of death. It is important for us to understand that Jesus is God and will ever be God along with the Father and the Holy Spirit. It is not His Jewishness that is to be exalted but His deity.

            Christ’s new Bride will be all inclusive – Jew, Gentile, male, female, bondservant, free, young and old.  God did not discard Israel. Quite the contrary! He included her in the new Bride of His chosen and precious Son. All – both Jews and Gentiles – are to now walk in the Light of Jesus Christ reflecting His Light and ways to a world that is lost and in darkness and sin. In spite of the weakness of flesh and its sinful nature, God will work through this Bride to bring others to Jesus and eternal life, just as He continued and will continue to work through sinful Israel.

            The God of all humanity is all-inclusive. What the Law excluded, Jesus included. Jesus removed all of the barriers (partitions) and made us all one in Christ. God who is the Father of all will not abandon Israel or His mostly Gentile Church. In Christ, God’s love and grace know no bounds. We are all chosen whether Jew or Gentile so none of us can boast. To God be the glory for the great things He has done. “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor this future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39

            Jesus will do with His Bride what God did with Israel in the Older Testament. (see Ezekiel 16:5-19 ) He will cleanse and prepare His future Bride for His wedding feast. He will take our garment of flesh and turn it into a garment of righteousness and beauty by the blood of Jesus and the continuous washing of the water of the Anointed Word. God promised Israel that He would come back for her. He did. He sent His Son to die on the cross to release them from the Old Covenant and establish the New Covenant of marriage through the blood of pure Jesus. In the “natural,” the shed blood of a pure, virgin bride would seal the covenant of marriage. In the New Covenant, it is the shed blood of the pure Jesus who sealed the covenant of marriage between Him and His Bride.  Under this New Covenant, only the Godhead can and will do the work. Man will take no glory in it. Jesus is the Bridegroom Messiah that the Jewish prophet John the Baptist revealed. (see John 3:29)

            Every human is precious in God’s sight because we are created in His very own image and likeness. It is God’s heart desire that none should perish but have eternal life through His precious and chosen Son Jesus. God provided the gift to all, but we must choose to believe that Jesus is who God says He is. As Joshua told the Israelites, “Choose this day whom you will serve.” Joshua 24:15



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