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Monday, June 1, 2015

Ezekiel 1

     One of the greatest revelations the Lord gave to me was the way in which His Word is written. As God designed creation, He also designed His Word.  His Word must be studied in the way that it was intended – as a progressive revelation of Jesus Christ beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation. All Truth is to lead to Jesus because He is Truth. This unveiling of the way the Word of God is written has opened my eyes to deeper truth and the reality that God was using the whole Older Testament to paint a picture of the reality in the coming Christ—both His first and second coming. God is the Master Artist! He is also the Master Teacher, Prophet, Priest and Revelator.

            A couple of months ago, the Lord drew me to Ezekiel 1 to unfold some hidden truths in Ezekiel’s mysterious vision. As most of us know, the Word of God speaks in many ways. For my part, God has for years made me focus on revealing Christ and His Body hidden within the Older Testament scriptures. In the mysterious and often misunderstood vision in Ezekiel about the strange four-headed spiritual beings and the strange wheels, God has revealed to me that these are a picture of Jesus and His spiritual Body. You may ask why it is important that we see Jesus in all of the Older Testament scriptures. It is important because we must understand that Jesus is the whole Truth so Jew and Gentile believers in God can become united in one pure truth in Jesus Christ. God used the two testaments to together draw a full and complete picture of His redemption plan through His Son, and His full truth through Jesus who is the Word of God brought to life.  Jesus draws the two testaments together by His blood and life. He wants to draw humanity – both Jews and Gentiles – together by the blood,  life, grace and truth of His chosen and precious Son.

            The unveiling as God showed me will take several weeks for me to post because it is 14 pages. I urge you to continue reading as I post on this subject so you will get the full picture from the Master Artist. I submit it to you humbly and with a sense of tremendous responsibility to speak what God shows me. If we as believers are ever to come together as one, we must know and understand His pure truth. Divided truth divides but pure truth unites. In the Body of Christ today, we have several denominations that have been formed over disagreement about scripture. I believe God, as Jesus did with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, is opening up the scriptures to break down barriers and false truth in order to bring His Body to unity. A unified Body based on pure truth will be far more powerful in destroying the works of the devil and his demonic host and will set people free of the bondage and destruction the devil creates. I pray that I will be obedient to Christ and accurate in my attempt to share the revelation knowledge He has so graciously given me so oneness  will truly become a reality through Christ whether Jew or Gentile (all others).
Ezekiel 1

     Ezekiel was a priest descended from the sons of Zadok. Zadok in Hebrew means “righteous.” The righteous sons of Zadok were the Levite priests who kept God’s sanctuary holy when the Israelites and some of the Levite priests strayed from the Lord. (see Ezekiel 44:14) The Lord told Ezekiel that the sons of Zadok were sanctified and therefore allowed to minister before the Lord at the altar. The other Levites could serve the people but could not come into the presence of the Lord. God wants us to become more righteous everyday as we draw closer and closer to the Lord.

            Ezekiel was also a prophet, watchman and shepherd of God’s people. He too is a picture of Jesus who is the Righteous High Priest, Supreme Prophet, Watchman over His Body and the Good, Chief and Great Shepherd. The Lord used the godly men in the Older Testament to paint a picture of the reality in Christ. He also used godly women in scripture to paint a picture of the Bride of Christ. In other words, God used the “imperfect” to paint a picture of the “perfect.” He continues to do so today through His imperfect Body that He wants to continually reshape and reform into the image and likeness of His Pure, Perfect Son.
            Ezekiel was God’s spokesman to the Judeans who were in exile in Babylon. In His love and grace, God always has His person in place to warn and save His people. God offers His grace and mercy, but every person has to choose it for themselves and turn from their sinful life. Ezekiel rebuked God’s people for their sin and rebellion against God, but he also showed them God’s glorious plan for them in the future. Ezekiel would call for repentance and a turning back to God and His ways. It was repentance and a turning back to God that would bring God's people into their glorious future.  God's ways have not changed. He is still calling people to repentance for sin and a return to Him so we, our nation and the world can be blessed.
     God's grace and mercy are always extended to us, but we must turn from our sin and turn back to God. As we do, we draw nearer to Him.

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