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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ezekiel 1 -- Part 3


These united beings would only go where the Spirit went. “Wherever the Spirit would go, they (living creatures) would go.” Ezekiel 1:12 There was a connection between the throne of God and these living, moving spiritual beings. The Holy Spirit led these living beings as they moved together as one. The high and awesome wheels next to these living beings also had a connection with heaven and earth. Jesus and the Holy Spirit not only connect heaven and earth, they connect believer with believer.

These united, spiritual, living beings were covered with grace and truth (two wings), reached up to God in heaven in faith and unity, and went wherever the Holy Spirit led them. God wants the Body of Christ to work in the same way. We are to work together in Spirit and in Truth and in harmony as we reach out to the four corners of the earth with the good news of Jesus. We are the carriers (wheels) of the presence of God and are to have spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear.

Wheels -- God’s Divine Transportation

At the side of the four living beings who are connected as one are four wheels. Ezekiel describes them like a wheel within a wheel “a wheel intersecting a wheel.” v16 -- two wheels but one, and there were four of them for a total of 8, the number of a new beginning and eternity. The four faces of Jesus are the head of these living beings, just as Jesus is the Head of His Body. The united living beings joined together and faced north, south, east and west almost looking like a box. The added wheels would make these look like a chariot that carried the Divine in the spiritual realm.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit of God are God’s Divine transportation from heaven to earth and from earth to heaven. God’s Word says that God rides on a cherub (spiritual living being) and on the wings of the wind, and flew. (Psalm 18:10; 2 Samuel 22:11) The cherub and the wings of the wind carried the Lord in the high places. God took Ezekiel up on a high mountain to give him this vision, just as God carried the Apostle John away to a high mountain to reveal Revelation. The Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always calling us to a higher place to draw closer to them. Jesus said to John, “Come up hither.”

The Word of God is a circle with Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the center. The Word in the two testaments is the revelation of God‘s grace and truth through His Son. Jesus made the two become One, just as two in agreement become one in Him. Amos 3:3: Can two walk together except they agree?“ The two testaments have to agree or they couldn’t walk together side by side. God is the God of agreement! Jesus and the Father are two but One as is Jesus and the Holy Spirit. And the written Word and the Living Word are One in Christ Jesus because He is all Truth. So all Truth including the Older Testament is about Jesus.

In whatever direction the living beings went, the wheels went with them. The wheels and the living beings went side by side in the same direction. They were spiritually connected as one as believers in Christ are to be connected to Him and the Holy Spirit as one.

When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, He and the Holy Spirit are within us to lead and guide us into the path of righteousness. Jesus is the wheel of Anointed Truth – the Wheel within the wheel of the circle of God. He is the full circle of Truth who is filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus with the Holy Spirit are God’s Divine Chariot (transporters). They carry God to Man and Man to God. Those who love and follow Jesus and are filled with the Holy Spirit are also God’s transporters. God wants a holy people to reflect His Person to the nations. These revelatory people will be made up of Jews and Gentiles who believe in God’s Son Jesus.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit do not work independent of one another just as the wheels in Ezekiel couldn't be independent of the living beings. Jesus is the Living Anointed Word filled with the Living Water of the Holy Spirit. The Word is living and active because Jesus is living and active. He is not dead! He is the Risen Savior and Lord. Those who believe in Jesus – the Anointed Word – are the wheel within Him and are not to operate independent of Him, the Father or the Holy Spirit. Wherever the Holy Spirit and the Word go, we are to go with them because they are One and are always working to carry out the Father‘s will in harmony and agreement.

The rims of the wheels “were high and awesome, and all four rims were full of eyes all around.” v18 The rims of these wheels were high and lifted up and had spiritual vision. They too were a connection between heaven and earth. Jesus said in John 12:34, “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.” Jesus was lifted up on the cross for all to see. Jesus with the Holy Spirit is the all-seeing and all-knowing One indicated by the eyes all around the wheels. And Jesus wants us to have spiritual eyes also. The wheels were lifted in Ezekiel by the life of the living beings just as Jesus said that His followers were to lift Him up (exalt Him through our actions, words and deeds) and He will draw people to Himself. “When the living beings moved, the wheels beside them moved; and when the living creatures rose from the ground, the wheels also rose. Wherever the Spirit would go, they would go, and the wheels would rise along with them, because the spirit of the living beings was in the wheels.” The movement of the wheels was controlled by the Spirit in the living, moving beings. This is true also in Christ’s living Body of believers. We can listen to the Word and the Holy Spirit and do it, or we can resist and not do what Jesus and the Holy Spirit tell us to do. We have a choice. Sometimes we don’t heed the gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit and instead of resisting the devil as the Lord tells us to do, we resist the Holy Spirit. Although the Holy Spirit is the greatest power in the universe, we can sometimes control His movement in us by refusing to do what He tells us to do.

When we lift Jesus up by glorifying Him in thought, word and deed, people are drawn to Him through us. Jesus--the full circle of the Word, and the Holy Spirit -- the Spirit of truth, are in believers leading and guiding and giving us spiritual life. Jesus is the Truth and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth -- the wheel within the wheel. Jesus with the Holy Spirit is seeking those who are lost without Him throughout the four corners of the earth. He works through us! We are the carriers of the Divine Word and Spirit -- His living, spiritual beings on earth. Jesus and the Holy Spirit also have their eyes on believers to continually draw us into a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him. They also watch for any devil, demon or evil that may be attacking those who love and serve the Savior.

These wheels with eyes all around had perfect spiritual sight. They saw all Truth and all things and faced north, south, east and west. They went in the direction of their face but moved as one. The Body of Christ is to also move as One in Christ. Jesus and the Holy Spirit also want us to know the truth and share it with others.

Rest and Peace

When these living beings rested, they lowered their wings. V24 When the wings were moving, they sounded like the roar of rushing waters, but when their wings were lowered all was quiet and peaceful. There is a time to move and a time to rest. Jesus said that He is our rest (peace). He is our Sabbath rest. We rest in His finished work on the cross. Jesus said in Luke 6:5, “The Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath.” He is not only the Sabbath but also Lord (Master) of the Sabbath.

When these living beings rested in peace and quiet, they heard the voice of God and saw His glory! Ezekiel 1:25-28 God sometimes just wants us to be still and listen to His still, small voice. In the stillness and quiet, the Word of God speaks.

                                                   Next week:  Voice of God and Radiant One

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