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Monday, April 4, 2011

Today's Wisdom -- The First Man

When God created the universe, He spoke all of creation into existence through His powerful Word. But not Man. Man was special to God. The Godhead said , "Let us make man in our image, after Our likeness." If Man is to be made in the image of God then the Trinity of God would have to shape and form him, since God is triune. God caused the deep waters of the earth to bubble up to the earth's dust making it claylike and pliable. In other words, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit would be the Potter and Man would be the clay. The rest of creation was spoken into existence by God's Word, but Man was lovingly and carefully formed into the very image of God. For this reason, all humans are special to God because they are a very shadow of God. This is why God wants that no human perish. In God's heart, to destroy humans is to destroy a piece of Himself. This would be the last thing God would want to do. As a matter of fact it will be the last thing God will do. God who is pure, perfect love would not delight in this because of the fact that we are His offspring.

Man was just a lump of clay until God breathed the breath of life into him--both natural breath to sustain his earthly life, and His Divine Holy Spirit to sustain His spiritual life. In order for Man to live in the presence of God, He must have God's Divine Holy Spirit within. God is holy. Nothing unholy can come into God's presence. So the Father, Word and Spirit lovingly shaped and formed Adam into a Man who was made of the substance of the earth as well as having the fullness of the Holy Spirit within. In other words, the first Adam was holy when God created him. He was clothed in God's glory and light. All was holy, peaceful and harmonious in God's Garden. Sadly, the first Adam sinned and marred God's holy, glorious creation. But God had His plan of redemption already in place before the foundation of the world. He would slowly and progressively reveal that plan through scripture. Eventually, God sent His own Son Jesus to shed His blood to redeem mankind and restore them to relationship with the Father. Because unholy mankind cannot come before a holy God, Jesus shed His sinless blood to atone for our sins to make us holy so the Holy Spirit could enter man again. The Holy Spirit could not be poured out on man until Jesus shed His blood and ascended to the Father. John 7:39: But this He (Jesus) spoke of the Holy Spirit, which they who believe on Him should receive for the Holy Spirit was not yet given because Jesus was not yet glorified. Once the price was paid by His shed blood and Jesus returned to the Father in glory, the Holy Spirit could be poured out on the flesh of those who believe in Jesus. Jesus is the only way to the Father for this reason. Jesus said to His disciples, "Receive the Holy Spirit." The sacrifice of Jesus breathed the breath of the Holy Spirit into those who believe in Him, just as the Divine Holy Spirit was breathed into Adam when he was created. The Father, Jesus/Word and the Holy Spirit want to reshape and reform us into the image and likeness of Jesus who is holy.

Resurrection life begins when you accept Jesus. The Trinity will work together harmoniously as they did with the first Adam to put our self-life to death so His holy, spiritual life will come alive in us. Jesus, like the Father, is long-suffering, patient, kind and loving toward us as the Godhead does this work. We must be willingly obedient to God's instruction and do it if we are to be transformed into the image and likeness of Jesus. Love is God's motivation; love for God must be our motivation. We don't obey God's Word to earn anything because Jesus has already given us all that belongs to us. God and Jesus cannot love us any deeper than they do today. His is an everlasting love. We obey to show that we love Jesus. Although we are forgiven of our sins, we have the freedom to choose the right or the wrong. If God didn't allow this and demanded obedience, then it wouldn't be love at all. Love cannot be demanded. It must be given freely as Jesus did for His heavenly Father and us. When we make Christ our Lord (Master), we no longer have the right to do as we please but must do what pleases Him, as Jesus did with His Heavenly Father. The Father was well-pleased with His Son because He did all that the Father asked Him to do. Jesus could have chosen not to since He came in the flesh, but He obeyed His Father willingly and out of His deep love for His Father and for humanity. Doing what pleased His Father gave Jesus the right to sit on the throne with the Father. If believers are to be seated with Jesus on the throne as His Bride we must allow Him to make us like Him so we can rule and reign with Him in harmony and peace. We have to be of like mind with Jesus. The Godhead does this process of reshaping and reforming us into the image of Jesus so we will rule and reign side by side with Him over the rest of creation, just as Adam and His Bride, the Woman, did before sin entered. God is looking for hearts that are willing to allow His cleansing Hand. God wants to set us free from the sin that binds us so that we will be free indeed. God says that the "Truth/Word that will set you free." As you hear the Word and then do it, the Word comes alive in you and is living and effective. In other words, Jesus comes alive in you because He is the Word. He is established in you through obedience to His Word and then His life in you is reflected to others. Jesus said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Myself." We lift Jesus up when we honor and obey Him through our actions, words and deeds. People will see Jesus in us and be drawn to Him also.

Let's lift Jesus higher by drawing closer to Him through love, faith and obedience.

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